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"From an early age, every child loves to play with a ball. Soccer is just playing with the ball, except with others and a few simple rules. Soccer is having FUN!" - US Youth Soccer

The CAC Academy Program was designed to provide children ages U-10 and below a place to have fun, improve self-esteem, develop teamwork, and build friendships in a less pressured environment of youth soccer.

Soccer is "the game for all kids" and that means there will be all types of kids playing together. Children will differ greatly due to age, gender and maturity but they will be able to run, kick, jump, roll, skip, fall down and shout together which is essential for mental and physical development. 

In the Academy Program players are placed in an environment that allows them to develop an awareness of their "club culture" among different peers with whom they may compete with in the future. 

The goal of the CAC U10 Academy is to bridge the gap between local recreational soccer and our competitive program. Far too often recreational team's sacrifice the development of the player in order to win games. Our Developmental Academy will focus on key areas deemed vital to player's development by US Soccer. Our players will have access to a proven training curriculum that ensures they are getting the best opportunity to grow and develop their game. 

Why your kids want to play!

Psychologists attribute three motivational factors in children's involvement in sport:

1. For Approval - take up sport for the approval of adults/parents/grand-parents

2. For Success - they enjoy competing in contests with other children

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