"Developing the Complete Student Athlete"

Travel Soccer is designed to provide an opportunity for players to experience a more competitive level than Recreational. Select players are coached in technique and tactics to take the level upward and away from the recreational level, and repeated performance efforts are emphasized. 

Competition is encouraged and players will most often go through a tryout process to make a team. Teams are usually selected by the head coach and other evaluators.

Players enjoy an intensive level of play and training, instructed by professional and nationally certified coaches. CAC competitive teams may play in the ASA State League, and PCJSL. CAC teams are invited to travel and play in a number of competitive tournaments each season. Our higher-level teams and players attend events throughout the state and may even attend an occasional out of state tournament. These tournaments are fun, challenging, and provide the players an excellent  opportunity to develop individual and team skills under competitive conditions.

All competitive teams from the U9 age group and older train up to three days a week with a professional coach. Goalkeepers receive special goalkeeping training once or twice a week, with a dedicated goalkeeping coach and then train the other days with their team. Training’s are organized to challenge each player. Additional training is also offered throughout the year.

***Player must be evaluated and accepted by a Coach prior to registration ***