"Developing the Complete Student Athlete"


What does travel soccer cost?

U9 - U12 teams - $165 up front registration fee, $85 uniform fee, and $55 per month training fees

U13-U19 teams $75 up front registration fee, $160 uniform fee, and $60 per month training fees

What do club fees cover?

The club fees cover coaching education, insurance, field and light usage fees, league registration fees, referee fees, equipment, and other operating expenses for the season. Fees also cover all team training up to three times per week and goalkeeper training.  Fees adjust as players get older and the level of training increases. Fees for the U15-U19 ages are prorated due to the shorter season for high school players.

What do club fees not cover?

Parents or players’ representatives will be liable for the costs incurred in attending tournaments including (but not limited to): entry fees, lodging expenses, meals, and travel costs such as mileage, tolls, and air fare. Fundraising and or team sponsor donations may be used to offset the cost of tournament entry fees.  These costs average $35-$85 per tournament per player depending on the level of tournament.

Annual Club Fee Payment Options

Club dues may be paid in full or through an installment plan. Initial fee may be prorated if registration occurs after 31st December and the amount of monthly payments will be adjusted according to the registration month.


The uniform includes two Adidas game jerseys, one pair Adidas shorts, and 1 pair of Adidas socks for U11 and below and three Adidas game jerseys, two pairs of Adidas shorts, and 2 pairs of Adidas socks for U12 and above. Optional items will be available at additional cost. 

Refund Policy

Our budget is forecast for a year based on registrations and commitments when a player registers with the club. We follow the standard of club soccer across the country in only offering refunds under certain circumstances.  See our Refund Policy for more information.

Late Payments

We understand things come up and we want to work with you on those circumstances. Any player that is more than 30 days late on club fees, may not practice or play with the team unless prior arrangements have been made with club admin to pay the arrears. A $5 late fee will be added to any club fees on the payment plan or tournament entry fees that are more than 30 days in arrears. A player with unpaid balance from a previous season will not be allowed to rejoin until that balance is settled. This also applies to credit cards that have expired or no longer work.