"Developing the Complete Student Athlete"

Welcome to the CAC’s Coaches page! We take our coaching seriously and are determined to provide our players with the best coaching available. First and foremost, we want to thank our existing coaches! Our club could not exist without the hard work of our dedicated coaches. We realize this is a huge time commitment on your part. The time you are investing now will impact our kids as players and people for years to come.

If you are interested in coaching for us, please read on. You will find out more about who we are and what we are looking for.

CAC is primarily a “travelling” soccer club, intended to provide a competitive soccer experience for its participants. We distinguish ourselves from recreational programs by attempting to provide a higher level of competition and commitment. CAC plays within the Pima County competitive league structure and generally plays against teams from the Tucson area. At the younger age levels, we attempt to place our teams at the appropriate level to provide them with an adequate degree of challenge where they can most effectively improve their soccer playing ability and still have fun. After the U13 level, the teams are promoted and relegated between levels automatically, depending on how they do. CAC uses open tryouts to determine team rosters and effective player placement.
Some clubs place all the emphasis on winning. Success is measured by the win-loss record only. At CAC, winning is important too. After all, the object of soccer is to win the game. CAC, however, is not about winning at any cost, it’s about player development. A truly successful season is one in which your players improve their soccer skills and they enjoy themselves, regardless of how many games you win. You’ll find most kids have short memories when it comes to wins and losses, but they are pretty good at remembering a season that wasn’t any fun at all. At the end of the season, our measuring stick for success will be how many of our players have improved as soccer players and are excited to come back and play again next year. We want to turn them into lifelong soccer aficionados.

Here is the CAC challenge:

Player development is more important than wins - let’s teach our players how to play the game and allow them to enjoy themselves in the process. Wins will come naturally as a result of positive player development.


Club policy dictates that all coaches must go through training and be certified. The Arizona Soccer Association (ASA) provides youth coach training and licensing throughout the year. Courses help coaches prepare effective practice sessions and provides access to a multitude of coaching resources. The basic course required is the USSF Grassroots certification that covers the basics of coaching soccer. A more advance D license is ideal for those who want to get more seriously into coaching. The D license requires the Grassroots as a prerequisite and includes two weekends of classroom and field activities. CAC pays for this training. The ASA requires that all coaches complete the online concussion and safesport training as well. CAC tries to keep the cists t families as low as possible but does offer small monthly stipends to its coaches in an attempt to offset some of the travel costs involved.


As a club, we want to foster fun, safety, teamwork, good sportsmanship, commitment to the team and a strong work ethic. All these should be key focal points while coaching your team:

FUN: If the kids don’t enjoy it, they won’t be back. We believe effective practice sessions can be fun as well. The kids will learn and will be back for more. Make sure your players have smiles on their faces. Incorporate fun soccer games into your practices. Kids won’t even realize they are learning!
SAFETY: Safety of the players must be of prime concern in all events. Never jeopardize the safety of your players for any reason. Always play it safe and HAVE AN EMERGENCY PLAN should the need arise.
TEAMWORK: One team is better than 11 individuals. Teach your team to work together and you will have a more successful season both on and off the field. Resist the urge to always rely too heavily on your “best” players. This will hurt them and your team in the long run.
GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP/INTEGRITY: It all starts with the coach. Remember, you are the role model. How you treat your players, the officials, the fans and the opponents is on display for all to see. Treat everyone with respect and demand your players do too. We take our “Code of Conduct” very seriously.
COMMITMENT: We want our players to be committed to coming to practice and games. We want them to work hard. We cannot expect commitment unless we are committed ourselves. We expect our coaches to be at all practices and games, and coaches should expect the players to be at all practices and games.
WORK ETHIC: if you have been coaching for any period of time, you know the value of a high work ethic. Technique and tactics are not very effective without a strong work ethic to back it up. Soccer can be very rewarding when everyone is working hard.


At CAC, we take coaching seriously. Our aim is to provide our players with quality, age appropriate training so they can grow as players and as young men and women. To that end, our approach has been to rotate coaches between teams as best we can, to ensure a balanced experience.

Ideally, we would like to assign a coach to a team for 2 or 3 seasons. Each coach offers a unique perspective on the game and, like players, each coach has specific strengths. We believe it is healthy for our players to be exposed to a variety of approaches within the scope of our club philosophy. This will allow our kids to develop into more complete soccer players with a broader understanding of the game.

This approach is also best for our coaches. Coaches tend to “settle in” and need new challenges to help hone their coaching skills. We promote and encourage coach training for all our coaches, and in most cases, this training is paid for by the club.

If you have any questions about our coaches or are interested in becoming a coach for Coronado Athletic Club please email