"Developing the Complete Student Athlete"


Mission Statement

Coronado Athletic Club is dedicated to the complete development of the student athlete. We will emphasize education and sportsmanship as the foundation of our program. Winning in life is the ultimate achievement and the friendships born through athletic competition are the true rewards.

CAC’s philosophy is simple- to provide an environment that offers young adults the opportunity to learn about making important life decisions.  The man in the maze, a Tohono O’odham tribal symbol, represents the choices made throughout life- sometimes we get knocked down, but the choices we make define how we respond to adversity and ultimately mold our character.  In the end, our choices define us.  At the end of the maze, we will all have the opportunity to look back on where we’ve come from and what we’ve accomplished before attaining our own personal sense of gratitude for the collection of experiences, friendships we’ve made, adversities we’ve overcome and impact we’ve had on the lives of those around us.

Vision Statement

Developing the complete student athlete through competition, education and servitude.